Lewis and Clark's Columbia River
Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later"
"Willamette National Cemetery, Oregon"
Includes ... Willamette National Cemetery ... Mount Scott ... Boring Lava Field ...
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Willamette National Cemetery, Memorial Day, 2003. Image taken May 23, 2003.

Willamette National Cemetery, Oregon ...
The Willamette National Cemetery is located on the top of a small Boring Lava cone on the northeastern flank of Mount Scott, a Boring Lava shield volcano. Good views of other Boring cones -- Mount Tabor, Kelly Butte, and Rocky Butte -- can be had. Willamette National Cemetery also offers views of Portland, and the Cascade Range volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood.

Boring Lava Field ...
The Boring Lava Field surrounds Portland, Oregon, and contains over 50 vents. The field is 1 to 2 million years old. As Lewis and Clark paddled down the Columbia River, west of the Columbia River Gorge, they passed many cones of the Boring Lava Field, from shield volcanoes such as Larch Mountain, to smaller cones like Rocky Butte. The Willamette National Cemetery sits on one of these Boring Lava cones.

From the Journals of Lewis and Clark ...

Clark, April 2, 1806 ...

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