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Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later"
"Wauna Point, Oregon"
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Image, 2004, Luscher Farm, HCRH, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Bonneville Dam and Wauna Point (on right), Oregon. View from Hamilton Island. Image taken August 1, 2004.

Wauna Point ...
Wauna Point, Oregon, is a ridge located between Tanner Creek (downstream) and Eagle Creek (upstream). Wauna Point is located at Columbia River Mile (RM) 146, just upslope from the Toothrock Tunnel.

"Wauna" ...
"Wauna" is an Indian name, possibly Klickitat, which describes a mythological being which represented the Columbia River. The name was applied to Wauna, a small community located near Astoria, Wauna Point, located in the Columbia River Gorge. At one time Bridge of the Gods was known as the "Wauna Toll Bridge" as ti was completed by the Wauna Toll Bridge Company in October, 1926.

Eagle Creek Fire 2017 ...
The Eagle Creek Fire started on the afternoon of September 2, 2017, by some immature youths playing with fireworks. The fire quickly engulfed the Columbia Gorge behind Bonneville Dam. By September 5th the fire had moved west towards the Crown Point area. As of October 13, 2017, the fire had grown to 48,831 acres and was 50% contained, with areas from Cascade Locks to Troutdale being impacted.

Image, 2017, Bonneville Dam, click to enlarge
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Wauna Point, downstream of Bonneville Dam, as seen from Dam Access Road, Hamilton Island, Washington. Image taken September 23, 2017.

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