Lewis and Clark's Columbia River
Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later"
"National Register of Historic Places"
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Image, 2004, Astoria Column, click to enlarge
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Astoria Column, Lewis and Clark. Image taken May 25, 2004.

National Register of Historical Places ...
"The National Register of Historic Places is the Nation's official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation. Authorized under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Register is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect our historic and archeological resources. Properties listed in the Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior." ["NationalRegisterOfHistoricPlaces.com" website, 2005]

Places along "Lewis and Clark's Columbia River" ...
  1. Alderbrook Station, Astoria, Oregon, 1991, Structure #71000053.
  2. Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon, 1974, Structure #74001681.
  3. Astoria Fire House #2, Astoria, Oregon, 1984, Architecture/Engineering #84002946.
  4. Astoria's Liberty Theatre, Astoria, Oregon, 1984, Building #84002938.
  5. Astoria's Uniontown-Alameda Historic District, Astoria, Oregon, 1988, District #88001311.
  6. Astoria Victory Monument (Doughboy Monument), Astoria, Oregon, 1984, Architecture/Engineering #84000466.
  7. Baker Log Cabin, Carver, Oregon, 1976, Structure #76001578.
  8. Balch Hotel, Dufur, Oregon, 1987, #87001469.
  9. Barclay House, Oregon City, Oregon, Structure #74001676.
  10. Barlow Road, Oregon Trail, The Dalles, Oregon, to Sandy, Oregon, 1992, Event #92000334.
  11. Basalt Cobblestone Quarries District, Carty Unit, Ridgefield NWR, 1981, District #81000587.
  12. Bonneville Dam Historic District, Bonneville Dam, Washington/Oregon, 1986, District #86000727, also known as Powerhouse, Navigation Lock and Administrative Site.
  13. Bonneville Dam Historic District, Fish Hatchery, Boundary Increase, Bonneville Dam, Washington/Oregon, 1987, District #86003598, Also known as Bonneville Hatchery, Central Hatchery.
  14. Broadway Bridge, Willamette River, Portland, Oregon, 2012, #12000930.
  15. Bridal Veil Historical Archeological Site, Bridal Veil, Oregon, 1996, Site #96000884.
  16. Bybee-Howell House, Sauvie Island, Oregon, 1974, Building #74001716.
  17. B-Z Corner Bridge, B Z Corner, Washington, 2002, Architecture #02000314.
  18. Canemah Historic District, Oregon City, Oregon, 1978, District #78002279.
  19. Cape Disappointment Historic District, Cape Disappointment, Washington, 1975, District #75001864.
  20. Caples House, Columbia City, Oregon, 2005, Building #05001060.
  21. Carnegie Library (Vancouver Public Library, Clark County Historical Museum), Vancouver, Washington, 1982, Event/Architecture/Engineering, #82004204.
  22. Cascade Locks, Cascade Locks, Oregon, 1974, Structure #74001686, listed as "Cascade Locks Marine Park".
  23. Cathlamet Pioneer Church, Cathlamet, Washington, 1973, Building #73001893.
  24. Cedar Creek Grist Mill, Lewis River, Woodland, Washington, 1975, Building #75001844.
  25. Chinook Point, Washington, 1966, Site #66000747.
  26. Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River, Oregon, 1979, Building #79003736.
  27. Columbia River Gillnet Boat, Altoona, Washington, 1978, Structure #78002783.
  28. Columbia River Highway Historic District, 1983, District #83004168.
  29. Columbia River Quarantine Station, Knappton, Washington, 1980, Building #80004007, also known as Knappton Cove Camp.
  30. Conrad Lundy Jr. Bridge (Wind River Bridge), Carson, Washington, 2002, Architecture/Engineering #02000326.
  31. Covington House, Vancouver, Washington, Architecture #72001268.
  32. Fivemile Rapids site, The Dalles, Oregon, National Historic Site #74001719.
  33. Fort Astoria, Astoria, Oregon, 1966, Site #66000639.
  34. Fort Clatsop National Memorial, Astoria, Oregon, 1966, Building #66000640.
  35. Fort Dalles Surgeon's Quarters, The Dalles, Oregon, 1971, Event #71000682.
  36. Fort Stevens (Fort Stevens Military Reservation), Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond, Oregon, Site #71000678.
  37. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver, Washington, 1966, Site #66000370.
  38. Grays River Covered Bridge, Grays River, Washington, 1971, Structure #71000880.
  39. Harlow House, Troutdale, Oregon, 1984, Building #84003078.
  40. Henry Heisen House, Heisson, Washington, 1979, #78002526.
  41. Hidden Houses, Vancouver, Washington, 1978, Person/Architecture/Engineering, #78002737.
  42. Hood River Depot, Hood River, Oregon, 1988, #88001159.
  43. Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens, Woodland, Washington, 1975, Event #75001847.
  44. Indian Shaker Church and Gulick Homestead, The Dalles, Oregon, 1978, Event #78003087.
  45. Kinney Cannery (Marshall J. Kinney Cannery), Astoria, Oregon, Architecture/Engineering, Event, #89000515.
  46. Kenton Commercial Historic District, Portland, Oregon, 2001, District, #01000934.
  47. Kenton Hotel, Portland, Oregon, 1990, Architecture/Engineering, #90001522.
  48. Klickitat River Bridge, Klickitat County, Washington, 2002, Structure #02000242.
  49. Knappa Docks, Knappa, Oregon, 1984, Site #84002959.
  50. Lewisville Park, Lewis River, Washington, 1986, District #86001202.
  51. Lightship Columbia LV-88, Astoria, Oregon, 1978, Structure #78002282.
  52. Lightship Columbia WAL-604, Astoria, Oregon, National Historic Landmark #89002463.
  53. Longview Bridge, Longview, Washington, 1982, Structure #82004208, also known as the "Lewis and Clark Bridge".
  54. Lloyd Frank Estate, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon, #79002133.
  55. Martin and Carrie Hill House, Hood River Valley, Oregon, 2007, #07000760
  56. Maryhill Museum of Fine Arts, Maryhill, Washington, 1974, Building #74001966.
  57. McLoughlin House National Historic Site, Oregon City, Oregon, 1966, Historic Person (Dr. John McLoughlin), #66000637.
  58. Moeck House, Rainier, Oregon, 1978, Building, #78002283.
  59. Montgomery Ward & Company Building, Portland, Oregon, 1985, Building, #85001184.
  60. Mosier House, Mosier, Oregon, 1990, Building, #90000286.
  61. Mount Hood Hotel Annex, Hood River, Oregon, 1994, Event, Person, #93001511.
  62. Mount Hood Railroad Linear Historic District, Hood River to Parkdale, Oregon, 1994, Transportation, #93001507.
  63. Mount Tabor Park, Portland, Oregon, Event, Architecture/Engineering, #04001065.
  64. Mount Tabor Park Reservoirs Historic District" (also known as "Mount Tabor Park Reservoirs 1, 5, and 6), Portland, Oregon, Event, Architecture/Engineering, #03001446.
  65. Multnomah Falls Lodge and Footpath, Multnomah Falls, Oregon, 1981, Building #81000512.
  66. North Bonneville Archeological District, North Bonneville, Washington, 1987, District #87000498.
  67. Officers Row and Fort Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver, Washington, 1974, District #74001948.
  68. Oregon City Municipal Elevator, Oregon City, Oregon, 2014, Transportation/Architecture, #14000181.
  69. Oregon Trail, 1974, Event #74001679.
  70. Oregon Trail, 1992, Event #92000334.
  71. Parker "Four-Row Park Carousel", Jantzen Beach, Portland, Oregon, 1987, Structure #87001381.
  72. Parkersville Site Washougal, Washington, 1976, Native American, Exploration/Settlement, #76001880.
  73. Paul Bunyan Statue, Portland, Kenton District, Oregon, 2009, Architecture/Engineering #08001393.
  74. Philip Foster Farm, Stopping place for Barlow Road pioneers, 1980, Event/Person/Architecture #80003305.
  75. Pioneer Memorial Bridge - Blue Bridge, Pasco/Kennewick, Washington, 2002, Structure #02000241.
  76. Pittock (Lakeside, Leadbetter) House, Lacamas Lake, Camas, Washington, 1979, Architecture/Engineering #79003148.
  77. Portland Skidmore/Old Town Historic District, Portland, Oregon, 1975, District #75001597.
  78. Providence Academy, Vancouver, Washington, 1978, Architecture/Engineering, #78002738.
  79. Rock Corral on the Barlow Road, Campsite for Barlow Road pioneers, 1974, Event #74001673.
  80. Rock Fort Campsite, The Dalles, Oregon, 1980, Site #80003389.
  81. Rocky Butte Scenic Drive Historic District, Portland, Oregon, 1991, District #91001550.
  82. Rowland Basin, Columbia River Gorge, Washington, 1996, Site #96000724.
  83. Skamokawa Historic District, Skamokawa, Washington, 1976, District #76001923.
  84. Slocum House, Vancouver, Washington, 1973, Architecture/Engineering #73001867.
  85. Smith, R.S., Motor Company Building, Sandy, Oregon, 1994, Event #93001502.
  86. Spokane, Portland & Seattle 700 locomotive and tender, Portland, Oregon, 2006, Event #05001557.
  87. Springdale School, Springdale, Oregon, 2011, Event/Education, #11000771.
  88. St. Helens Downtown Historic District, St. Helens, Oregon, 1984, District #84000137.
  89. St. James Catholic Church, Vancouver, Washington, 1986, Architecture/Engineering, #86003847.
  90. St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, The Dalles, Oregon, 1974, Building #74001720.
  91. Stella Blacksmith Shop, Stella, Washington, 1985, Building #85003204.
  92. The Dalles Commerical Historic District, The Dalles, Oregon, 1986, District #86002953.
  93. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Seaside, Oregon, 1981, Event, Architecture/Engineering #81000480.
  94. Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon, 1973, Site #73001572.
  95. Umatilla Site, Umatilla, Oregon, 1981, Site #81000522, also known as Umatilla Landing.
  96. Union Fishermen's Cooperative Packing Company Alderbrook Station, Astoria, Oregon, 1991, Building #91000053.
  97. Vancouver National Historic Reserve Historic District, Vancouver, Washington, 2007, District #06001216.
  98. Vancouver-Portland Bridge, Vancouver, Washington, to Hayden Island, Oregon, 1982, Structure #82004205, also known as the "Columbia River Interstate Bridge" and the "Interstate 5 Bridge".
  99. Venersborg School, Venersborg, Washington, Building #89000215.
  100. View Point Inn, Larch Mountain Road, Columbia River Scenic Highway, in Corbett, Oregon, 1985, Building #85000367.
  101. Vista House, Columbia River Scenic Highway at Crown Point, Oregon, 1974, Building #74001705.
  102. Waucoma Hotel (Hotel Oregon), Hood River, Oregon, 1981, Event, Architecture/Engineering, #81000484.
  103. Willamette Falls Locks, West Linn, Oregon, 1974, Structure #74001680.
  104. Willamette River (Oregon City) Bridge (No.357), Oregon City and West Linn, Oregon, 2005, Structure #05000639.
  105. Wishram Indian Village Site, Washington, 1972, District #72001278, also known as Horsethief Lake State Park.
  106. Yale Bridge, Yale, Washington, 1982, Engineering/Transportation #82004206.

On the National Register of Historic Places ... (West to East)

Image, 2005, North Head Lighthouse, click to enlarge
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North Head Lighthouse Cape Disappointment State Park. Image taken April 19, 2005.
Image, 2004, Fort Clatsop, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Fort Clatsop, Oregon. Image taken May 25, 2004.
Image, 2004, Astoria Column, click to enlarge
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Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon. Image taken May 25, 2004.
Image, 2004, Lightship Columbia, Astoria, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Lightship Columbia, Astoria, Oregon. View from the Columbia River Maritime Museum. This lightship was the last lightship on the Pacific Coast, until replaced by a 42-foot-high buoy, similar to the one on the left. Tongue Point is in the background, right. Image taken June 16, 2004.
Image, 2007, Knappton Quarantine Station, click to enlarge
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Knappton Quarantine Station, Knappton, Oregon. Image taken October 13, 2007.
Image, 2005, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Celebration, click to enlarge
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Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Chinook Point, Washington. Chinook County Park Bicentennial Celebration. The reenactors from St. Louis board their dugout canoes after visiting Chinook County Park. Chinook Point is in the background. Image taken November 15, 2005.
Image, 2018, Pittock House, Lacamas Lake, Washington, click to enlarge
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Pittock (Lakeside, Leadbetter) House, Lacamas Lake, Camas, Washington. Image taken June 11, 2018.
Image, 2005, Crown Point from Portland Woman's Forum Scenic View, click to enlarge
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Vista House and Crown Point, Oregon. View from Portland's Woman Forum Scenic View (formerly Chanticleer Point). Image taken October 22, 2005.
Image, 2004, Historic Columbia River Highway, click to enlarge
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Historic Columbia River Highway at Crown Point, Oregon. Image taken October 11, 2004.
Imag5, 2005, Multnomah Falls, Oregon, Benson Bridge, click to enlarge
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Multnomah Falls, Oregon, Benson Bridge. Image taken March 6, 2005.
Image, 2011, Looking upstream from Bridge of the Gods, click to enlarge
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Cascade Locks from Bridge of the Gods. View towards the flooded Cascade Locks and Thunder Island. Image taken May 20, 2011.
Image, 2006, Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River, Oregon. Image taken May 10, 2006.
Image, 2011, Rock Fort area, The Dalles, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Rock Fort area, The Dalles, Oregon. Image taken October 6, 2011.
Image, 2012, Fort Dalles, The Dalles, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Surgeons Quarters, Fort Dalles, The Dalles, Oregon. Image taken May 29, 2012.
Image, 2005, Maryhill Museum, Washington, with Mount Hood, Oregon, click to enlarge
Click image to enlarge
Maryhill Museum, Washington, and Mount Hood, Oregon. Image taken May 24, 2005.
Image, 2003, Pasco-Kennewick Bridge, Washington, click to enlarge
Click image to enlarge
"Pioneer Memorial Bridge, Kennewick, Washington. Kennewick's "Blue Bridge" as seen from Clover Island. Image taken September 29, 2003.

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