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Image, 2006, Interstate 84 approaching Philippi Canyon, click to enlarge
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Interstate 84 heading west, approaching Philippi Canyon. The Columbia River can be see on the right. The railroad station of Quinton is two miles further west. Image taken October 2, 2006.

Quinton ...
Quinton is a railroad station on the Union Pacific's line at Columbia River Mile (RM) 225.5, located two miles downstream of where today's Philippi Canyon meets the Columbia River (An early name for Philippi Canyon was "Quinton Canyon".). The John Day River is 8 miles further downstream.

Early Quinton ...
The Quinton railway station, established in 1881, was named for an early settler named Quinn and was originally called "Quinns". Early railroad and Washington State maps showing "Quinns" or "Quinn's" throughout the 1880s and 1890s. The name was changed to "Quinton" in the early 1900s. The 1906 "Map of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company and the Southern Pacific Company" has the station as "Quinton".

According to "Oregon Geographic Names" (2003, McArthur and McArthur):

"Quinton (GILLIAM) ... Quinton is a station on the Union Pacific main line a little east of John Day Dam that derives its name from an early settler named Quinn. The station was first called Quinns when the railroad was built in 1881 but changed to Quinton prior to 1910. A post office named Brown was established in November 1903 with Charles E. Brown postmaster. The order was rescinded the following month, and Quinton post office was opened, Brown again postmaster. It operated with one intermission until 1910. From 1919 to 1925, there was a post office nearby called Quinook. This name was made up by taking part of the name Quinton and part of the name Squally Hook, the name of a railroad station a mile or two to the west."

The Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office Records (2007) shows a Terence Quinn being granted title to 173.81 acres of T2N R19E Section 6 on June 30, 1879 (Sale-Cash Entry of 1820). Terence Quinn was also was granted title to 160 acres of T2N R19E Section 6 on February 28, 1889 (Homestead Entry Original of 1862). T2N R6E plots in the Philippi Canyon area.

Quinton was relocated in 1967 when the John Day Dam was built and the rising waters of Lake Umatilla inundated the locality.

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