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"Price Island, Washington"
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Image, 2011, Price Island, upstream tip, with Steamboat Slough, click to enlarge
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Price Island, Washington, with Steamboat Slough on the right. Image taken January 26, 2011.

Price Island ...
Price Island is a long narrow island located on the Washington State side of the Columbia River between River Mile (RM) 35 and 35. The island is approximately one and one-half miles long and a half mile wide. Steamboat Slough separates Price Island from the Washington shore, and the Washington town of Skamokawa is located across from the downstream tip of Price Island. Across from Price Island is Welch Island, one of the islands of the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge. Price Island is part of the Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for Columbian White-tailed Deer. Research has discovered some of the trees on Price Island survived the massive "Cascadia Quake" in 1700, a magnitude 9.0 quake which shook the coastline of Washington and British Columbia on January 26, 1700. Nice views of Price Island can be had following the Steamboat Slough Road along the southwestern edge of the Wildlife REfuge.

Early Price Island ...
The 1871 cadastral survey (tax survey) for T9N R6W has Price Island labeled as "Skamaukie Island", Skamokawa Creek as "Skomaukie River", and Steamboat Slough as "Skomaukie Slough".

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) Records database, shows Horatio N. Price being issued a land title for the area of Price Island on May 31, 1892, for 117.2 acres of parts of T9N R6W Section 17, under the 1820 "Sale-Cash Entry". Horatio N. Price also held other titles for land around the Elochoman River issued in 1889 and 1891. Presumably he was the "Price" in "Price Island".

The U.S. Board of Geographic Names made the name "Price Island" official in 1915. Variants of the name seen on maps were "Price's Island" or "Prices Island".

Julia Butler Hansen Refuge ...
Columbian White-tail Deer National Wildlife Refuge ...
The Julia Butler Hansen Refuge (Columbian White-tail Deer National Wildlife Refuge) was established in 1972, specifically to protect and manage the endangered Columbian white-tailed deer. The refuge contains over 5,600 acres of pastures, forested tidal swamps, brushy woodlots, marshes, and sloughs along the Columbia River in both Washington and Oregon, includes Tenasillahe Island in Oregon, and the lower Elochoman River area in Washington State. The mainland refuge unit, the Hunting Islands, and Price Island are also in Washington State. Tenasillahe Island, Wallace Island, and several parcels around Westport are in Oregon. Hunting, Price, Tenasillahe, and Wallace Islands are accessible only by boat. The Julia Butler Hansen Refuge borders on its western side with the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge.

Views ...

Image, 2004, Price Island, upstream tip, click to enlarge
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Price Island, Washington. Upstream tip of Price Island. Steamboat Slough is on the right. Image taken April 9, 2004.

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