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"Perham Creek, Oregon"
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Perham Creek ...
Perham Creek is 1.6 miles in length and is located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River at River Mile (RM) 162.5. Upstream is Mitchell Creek and Mitchell Point and downstream is Viento Creek and Viento State Park.

Early Perham Creek ...
According to "Oregon Geographic Name" (McArthur and McArthur, 2003):

"This stream flows under the Columbia River Highway and into the Columbia River about seven miles west of Hood River. It was named to commemorate Eugene L. Perham, who emigrated from Indiana to Oregon in 1850. After living at various places in Oregon, he married the daughter of the Rev. Edward R. Geary, who came to Oregon in 1851. The newly married couple settled at The Dalles about 1857 or 1858, where Perham was connected with river navigation interests that became part of the Oregon Steam Navigation Company in 1860. The family remained in The Dalles for about 25 years, and Perham took an interest in public affairs. He then moved to the vicinity of what is now Perham Creek but later disposed of his holdings. He died in 1891, and Mrs. Perham died in 1926. The Perhams were a much respected family. Perham Spring takes its name from the nearby creek."

From the Journals of Lewis and Clark ...

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