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Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later"
"Nicolai Ridge and Nicolai Mountain, Oregon"
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Image, 2012, Brownsmead, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Nicolai Ridge near Wauna, Oregon. View from moving car. Image taken September 22, 2012.

Nicolai Ridge ...
Nicolai Ridge is a basalt ridge on the Oregon side of the Columbia River which was undercut by Missoula flood erosion, resulting in a steep north face towering over Westport and Wauna. Bradley State Wayside, downstream of Wauna, sits upon this ridge and provides great views of the Columbia River and Puget Island. Nicolai Ridge is part of the long range of hills known as Clatsop Crest.

Nicolai Mountain ...
Nicolai Mountain is a highpoint along Nicolai Ridge and once the home to an Oregon Department of Forestry fire lookout tower. Gnat Creek heads on Nicolai Mountain before merging with Blind Slough on the Clatskanie/Beaver Slough floodplain. Nicolai Mountain is located on the south end of Nicolai Ridge.

Nicolai Mountain Lookout ...
Nicolai Mountain was once home to an Oregon Department of Forestry fire lookout. According to the "firetower.org" website (2016):

"A 70-foot crowns nest lookout was built in 1939. This was replaced in 1951 with a 45-foot wooden linve-in tower, which was abandoned in 1965 and removed in 1994."

Nicolai Brothers ...
Nicolai Ridge and Nicolai Mountain were named for the Nicolai brothers who came to Oregon in the 1860s. In 1868 they started a sawmill in Beaver Valley, south of Rainier, and later on they established the Nicolai Door Company and Nicolai-Neppach Company, a custom millwork operation in Portland.

View from Nicolai Ridge (Bradley State Wayside) ...

Image, 2005, Columbia River looking upstream from Bradley Wayside, Oregon, click to enlarge
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View upstream from Bradley State Wayside on Nicolai Ridge. Puget Island and Coffee Pot Island, can be seen from Bradley State Wayside. Bradley State Wayside sits on Nicolai Ridge. Image taken April 19, 2005.

From the Journals of Lewis and Clark ...

Clark, March 25, 1806 ...

Lewis, March 25, 1806 ...

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