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Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - "200 Years Later"
"Lieser Point, Washington"
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Image, 2007, Lieser area, Vancouver, Washington, click to enlarge
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End of the road, Lieser area, Vancouver, Washington. Looking south towards the Columbia River. Image taken December 30, 2007.

Lieser Point ...
Lieser Point is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River at River Mile (RM) 110.5. Upstream is the Image and Ellsworth areas and the Interstate 205 Bridge. Downstream is Wintler Park and Tidewater Cove. Across the river on the Oregon side is Broughton Beach and the Portland International Airport.

Early Lieser Point ...
Lieser Point takes its name after an early settler, Louis Lieser, who took a Donation Land Claim along the Columbia River in 1851.

Various spellings for Lieser Point have been "Leiser Point" and "Seiser Point". The U.S. Board of Geographic Names made "Lieser Point" official in 1962.

The 1852 Cadastral Survey (tax survey) for T1N R2E shows a road from the area of todays Lieser Point, follows the Columbia River until it reaches the Hudson's Bay Company Mills (today the location of the Vancouver Trout Hatchery), swings inland and then heads once again south ending at the location of today's Fishers Landing. A farming area is depicted at Lieser Point.

The 1863 Cadastral Survey (tax survey) has "Lewis Seiser" having 639.87 acres (claim no.62) for T2N R2E Section 32, and 2.24 acres (claim no.44) for T1N R2E Section 5.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) Records database (2007) shows a listing for Eliza Heirs of Sieser, and Louis Sieser being granted title to 637.11 acres on September 20, 1866, for parts of T1N R2E Section 5, and T2N R2E Sections 29, 30, 31, and 32, under the Oregon-Donation Act of 1850.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) Records database (2007) also shows a Louis Lieser being granted title to 240 acres a few miles north in T3N R2 Sections 11 and 12 (the Orchards area) on December 20, 1867 (Sale-Cash Entry of 1820) and 320 acres of T3N R2E Sections 2 and 11 on September 20, 1869 (Sale-Cash Entry of 1820).

The 1888 "Clarke County, Washington Territory" map shows a Donation Land Claim in Section 32 for "L. Leiser".

Views ...

Image, 2006, Washington shore from Tidewater Cove, click to enlarge
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Washington shore from Tidewater Cove, looking upstream on the Columbia River. Looking upstream towards the beaches of Wintler Park towards Lieser Point. The tip of Lieser Point lies just beyond the trees. Mount Hood and the Interstate 205 Bridge are on the right. Image taken October 9, 2006.

From the Journals of Lewis and Clark ...

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