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"Hewett Lake and Hewett's Landing, Washington"
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Image, 2015, Twin Bridges Museum, Lyle, Washington, click to enlarge
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"Major Creek Lumber Company" and "Hewitt's Landing", Twin Bridges Museum, Lyle, Washington. Image taken September 26, 2015.

Hewett Lake ...
Hewett Lake (also seen as "Hewitt Lake"), is a small lake located on the north side of the Bonneville Reservior at Columbia River Mile (RM) 178, six miles east of Bingen, Washington. Upstream of Hewett Lake is Chamberlain Lake and the Klickitat River. Downstream is Major Creek, Catherine Creek, and Rowland Lake. According to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Hewett Lake is 578 acres.

Hewett's Landing ...
Hewett's Landing (also seen as "Hewitt's Landing" or "Hewitts Landing") was located at the mouth of Major Creek.

A 1906 real estate ad ("The Hood River Glacier", March 29, 1906, courtesy Historic Oregon Newspapers, University of Oregon Libraries, 2016) uses "Hewitts Landing".

"WAUNA VISTA is nine miles from Hood River on the north bank of the Columbia river. Out of this beautiful place I am now offering two 20-acre tracts with orchards and one 40-acre tract with buildings, orchard, field and pasture. Get off at Hewitts Landing (one corner of the place) and see for yourself. The fact is Hood River is nine miles from Wauna Vista."
Lyle, Wa.

Early Hewett Lake/Landing ...
Hewett Lake is located in T3N R12E, southeast corner of Section 30. Major Creek enters the Columbia River less than 1/2 mile to the west.

"E.B. Hewitt came in 1879 and took land at the mouth of Major Creek. He acted as road supervisor in 1881 and opened the road from Lyle to Glenwood. His instructions from Goldendale were: "Remove no obstructions, nor do any work where the settler can do it himself." The result was that a road was opened at small cost, but was a long, crooked and rough road, but those were pioneer days, with pioneer hardships. At that date there were no doctors or nurses nearer than The Dalles and Portland so Mrs. Hewitt, being a skilled practical nurse, soon became in great demand, and traveled night or day to help the sufferers."

Source:    Delia M. Coon, 1923, "Klickitat County: Indians of and Settlement by Whites", IN: Washington Historical Quarterly, Vol.14, No.4, October 1923.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) database (2015) shows an Ira B. Hewitt (with the "i") being granted to 160 acres of T3N R12E, southeast quarter of Section 30 on November 16, 1891 (1820 Sale-Cash Entry). This borders the Columbia River east of Major Creek, today the location of Hewett Lake.

The database also shows Ira B. Hewett (with the "e") being granted title to 160 acres of T3N R12E, parts of Section 21 on February 12, 1903 (1862 Homestead EntryOriginal). This section is located inland from the Columbia River.

The database shows an Ellis B. Hewett (with an "e") being granted title to 80 acres in T3N R12E, east half of southwest quarter of Section 30, on February 20, 1911 (1820 Sale-Cash Entry). This is located on the left bank of Major Creek.

The 1913 platt map (courtesy "rootsweb.com") for T3 R12 shows E.B. Hewett property in the southeast quarter of Section 30, on the left bank of Major Creek.

The 1913 map also shows H.F. Hewett owning property along the Columbia River in the upper half of Section 32, east of Major Creek. According to the GLO database, H.F. Hewett is Herbert F. Hewett who was granted title to 90.40 acres on June 16, 1904 (1820 Sale-Cash entry). This property also borders the Columbia River.

Views ...

Image, 2015, Hewett Lake from Washington State Route 14, Washington, click to enlarge
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Hewett Lake as seen from Washington State Route 14. View from moving car heading west. Image taken September 26, 2015.

Hewett, etc.

  • Hewett's Tunnel ...
  • North Bank Highway ...

Hewett's Tunnel ...
Tunnel #7 of the SP&S railway, located just east of Major Creek, is called "Hewett's Tunnel".

North Bank Highway ...
"E.B. Hewett, who for twenty-four years has lived four miles from Lyle, is one that says "come on with your road." The right of way will skirt his land along the river, and he has consented to sell to the officials who are out securing options."

Source:    "The Hood River Glacier". (Hood River, Or.), June 29, 1905, courtesy Historic Oregon Newspapers Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, 2017.


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